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Gary Enos of Gary’s Muskie Experience in North Webster, Indiana. Started Muskie fishing back when he was 18 years old (along time ago). Gary was intrigued by “The fish of 10,000 Cast’s” and Gary decided to dedicate time on the water in pursuit of this fish.

Gary is a self taught professional Muskie angler. Over the years Gary has spent many hours working on methods that work on catching these elusive beast’s. He has honed his skills on catching and releasing many Muskie’s over the years. Not only in the northwoods of Wisconsin, but in Minnesota, Michigan and in Northwest Ontario. Gary competed in the Wisconsin Muskie Trail for the 2008 and 2010 season and has competed in the Indiana Muskie Classic’s.

Gary moved to Syracuse, Indiana in 1997. Getting closer to his fish of choice. He then moved to Webster Lake in 2003. Where he has been able to Muskie fish whenever he want’s. 2008 Gary started up his guide service under the name “Gary’s Indiana Muskie Experience”. Due to the length of the name he dropped Indiana.

Gary has many past client’s catch their very first Muskie or their personal best. Gary will take the time to teach you the How’s, Why’s and What’s of Muskie fishing. Gary will do everything possible to get you on to your fish of a lifetime. We practice 100% Catch and Release. We take photos and measurements if you want to get a reproduction.

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