Consider the Fall season my favorite. You have the lakes to yourself, just fishermen. No annoying boats dragging around tubers or wave runners. Just you going after the Muskie of a lifetime. So, fish hard and remember…NO EXCUSES!
When the weather is nice and warm for humans, sometimes it’s not for Muskies. Remember to use caution when fishing this time of the year. This mid-40″er didn’t make it. She was found floating across Webster Lake this past week 6/29.
Following Muskie’s can drive you crazy. You execute the figure eight to perfection and they tease you with the thought you may get her to go. Just to have her fade away like a dream. Muskie’s love suckers period. Many anglers believe that suckers are a Autumn thing. Think again. Up your boat average this
Springtime Muskies can be the toughest fish of the season. The feeding windows can be big or small. Water temperature has a lot to do with it. Just like this 41.5″ was on fire to eat. Chased down the lure at boat side on the figure 8. The cast prior raised a fish but turned
Once the weather stabilizes Muskie’s will start to move. Like this one crushed a live sucker.
After weeks of unseasonable temperatures and a roller coaster weather pattern. North central Indiana Muskie population will get on the bite. Water temperatures have dropped 15 degrees since April 1st. That kind of change will make any fish go back to being inactive. Too finish off this week we have sunny skies and daytime temps
After a hopeful start to the season the weather trumps calendar. Inconsistent weather has delayed the normal spawn migration. Once again having patience for the weather to be more consistent is key.
Water temperature’s are slowly moving up. As of 3/14 main lake areas are around 45. Shallows are up and down depending on cloud cover. Things should be getting interesting in the next few weeks.

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